So where do we start with this one..... typical shop night we are all hanging out drinking beers just talking about future idea and winter projects when we get into the topic what really is next in the industry with design and builds. Well always thinking out of the box and the love for my Jap bikes i look over at my Matt shovel build he starting and say hey how cool would it be to do an OHC shovel chain driven. 

That is where social media and the invention of the internet really comes in handy. And behold of course if one can think of it it has once been thought of already and done. Though very few builds exist I came across one that I think inspired me the most. The legend himself Stan Dishong.

Stan Dishong's 1964 Pan head

Stan Dishong's 1964 Pan head

This thing is as bad ass as it comes. not only inspiring that he build it in his own garage but that he broke a speed record with it at over 120mph. (and if you don't think so put your bike on a bike stand rev it to 120mph and put your face 6 inches from your rear chain and tell me how comfortable you feel) 

So after being completely sucked in by the idea I now have my own vision on how to design a very similar concept on a shovel motor.

My intentions, and I hope to try to keep this as updated as possible through out my project, is to to do a OHC cam set up but keeping the stock rocker boxes. Yes I know everyone is probably saying...... Excuse me....? but i plan on modding the stock rocker boxes to hold a cam have adjustable rockers and be completely enclosed. I will not being doing any head modification but strictly try to design a bolt on OHC conversion. Reason behind the rocker boxes being as stock as possible is i feel there is some pride in taking something to another level of extreme but leaving just enough root in it to grab the simple minded as well. 

So let this crazy build begin and as long as the fund can keep up with my mind i plan sharing one of my biggest challenges yet.